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workplace reconciliation

Conflict in the workplace occurs on a constant basis and such conflict costs businesses money.  It does not matter if the conflict is employee to employee, employee to management, or employee to client, each time a conflict develops the loser is the bottom line of the business in that there is a loss of productivity, time and financial resources.

The Fulcrum mediator cadre has developed a process to assist business in reducing conflict, developing a workplace philosophy that strives for productivity and improving stressful environments. 

There are times when people who work together don't get along. When the conflict inhibits people's ability to do their jobs, assistance may be needed to resolve the problems by mediating the conflict and their continuing relationship.

Mediation is an effective and efficient process to help resolve employment disputes. A neutral mediator can assist parties in reaching a voluntary, negotiated agreement. Choosing to resolve employment disputes through mediation promotes a better work environment, reduces costs, and brings satisfaction for employees and employers. According to Halvorson Human Resources, the cost of employee turnover ranges from approximately 3 months’ pay for an hourly worker to $145,000 for a hi–tech employee. Conflict is expensive.

Since mediation is both voluntary and confidential, the employer's expectations regarding the involved employees' participation and desire for a copy of the mediated agreement must be worked out between the employer, employees and the DRC in advance of the mediation.


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