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The Business Roundtable was formed in an effort to identify local employers willing to embrace the mission of Fulcrum’s Offender Education Program and Business Outreach Program with the idea of helping to reduce recidivism within our community. Local employers and the Business Outreach Coordinator, work together to create a support system for our program graduates in their re-entry to the community.

Members of the Business Roundtable hire our clients with the assurance that our service will save their business time and money. The Business Outreach Coordinator only refers motivated, reliable, and dependable clients to the businesses. All referred clients have completed our Job Skills courses equipping them with the soft skills needed to succeed in the workforce and work continuously with Business Outreach Coordinator to ensure successful transition to employment. Employers are encouraged to contact the Business Outreach Coordinator if any issues should arise from a referred employee.

The BRT currently has over 300 participating businesses in the Spokane area ready to hire our clients as positions become available. The Business Outreach Coordinator has direct contact with each business owner, manager, or human resources representative both in the application process and the interview process. Most of the businesses pull our client’s applications out and look them over first before considering other applicants. Each week the Business Outreach Coordinator makes cold calls to the businesses to get job leads for our clients. Sometimes the businesses give us leads before they advertise in the community because they believe in our mission.  These leads are compiled into a “Recent Job Opportunities” binder, which all clients have access to as they come into the office, and have completed an approved resume.

As an intermediary between employers and employees, the Business Outreach Coordinator continuously works with the Business Roundtable members and employees post hire to ensure a satisfactory working relationship. This post-hire support entails monthly contact with employees and employers in the first 90 days of employment to provide support and intervention when needed. If an issue should arise within the first six months of employment, the employer will contact the Business Outreach Coordinator. In response, the Business Outreach Coordinator will set up an appointment to meet with the client to see how we can address the barriers causing the issue at work. In addition, the program coordinator also assists employers with navigating the requirement to utilize the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) and Federal Bonding Program for eligible employees.

Membership in the Business Roundtable is FREE of charge and signing up is only a phone call away. For more information on membership or program details call Jennifer Grey at 509-795-8955 or email instructor@fulcrumdispute.com. We are located at 222 W. Mission, Ste 250, 99201 and our hours of operation are M-F 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.

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