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parenting plans

Parenting Plans

The cadre of mediators offers full mediation services for parenting plans developed through divorce actions, third party custody actions, adoptions and dependency hearings. 

Mediation is a voluntary process that provides an opportunity and environment for mutually and efficiently resolving issues of communication, separation, child custody, visitation, and other parenting matters in a private, safe and positive environment. With the help of certified skilled mediators, parties share their views and have the opportunity to address important issues in a cooperative constructive way. Resolutions are created together and accepted by BOTH parties that reflect the individual values and needs of both.
The state of Washington requires that parents must have a "Parenting Plan" for any children from the marriage before a judge will grant a divorce. Mediators can assist parents with the issues of the parenting plan while at the same time helping parties emotionally clean up unresolved issues, plan for healthy communication in the future and create plans for dealing with potential future issues, such as transfer of the children, ongoing changing needs as the children grow and new partners in either parent's life. It is vital to the emotional and physical health of children that divorcing parents move through the pain of the past and back to the role of fully functioning parents. When parents can't move on their children suffer in school, in peer relationships and in self esteem. Conflict is expensive.
Mediation will help you:

    • Consider the needs of your children first,

    • Retain control over the outcome,

    • Remove the unpredictability of trial,

    • Minimize the financial impact on your lives,

    • Reduce the delay, cost, and emotional turmoil so often associated with divorce and other family issues,

    • Express your needs and concerns,

    • Be creative in your problem solving beyond the ability of a judge,

    • Reduce the likelihood of post-divorce disputes,

  • Heal your family and rebuild your lives under more positive terms.

Washington is a file by form state and Fulcrum personnel are prepared to assist in the completion of many documents to be filed with the court.


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