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Mediation - the intervention into a dispute of an acceptable, impartial, neutral third party who has no authoritative decision making ability, yet is there to assist the parties to achieve a mutually acceptable solution. 

The Fulcrum Institute Dispute Resolution Clinic is dedicated to assisting people in avoiding the cost of litigation and helping them solve their problems in a manner that is forthright, quick and cost effective. 

The Fulcrum Institute DRC trainers are some of the most proficient mediators in the conflict resolution field in the State of Washington. Along with years of experience, they bring an energetic and engaging approach to each training. This is an interactive approach, tailored to your individual needs. Experienced mediators will observe each practice exercise and provide individualized feedback on how to improve your conflict resolution skills. 

Today, after 21 years of service, more than 5100 mediations, hundreds of trainings, and dozens of grant funded programs, the Fulcrum Institute DRC is recognized as one of the finest mediation firms in the Pacific Northwest. The organization offers nationally recognized trainings, provides internships to students learning mediation, services mediation contracts across American and settles more than 300 mediations each year with a settlement rate in excess of 93%.

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