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Eviction Resolution Program

The Fulcrum Institute Dispute Resolution Clinic is pleased to be part of this pilot program providing resources and support to renters at-risk for eviction, and landlords experiencing financial hardship that occurred though out the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our office has been working with landlords and tenants on this important matter.

The DRC has a long history of providing mediation and telephone conciliation to resolve landlord-tenant issues.  The Eviction Resolution Program is intended to resolve landlord-tenant disputes before they lead to court filings and evictions.  Phone assistance and mediation services provided through this program are provided at no cost to either tenants or landlords.

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For more information on how to access the Eviction Resolution Program contact housing@fulcrumdispute.com or intakespecialist@fulcrumdispute.com

Washington's Eviction Resolution Program - How it works

This video from Resolution Washington, the state-wide network of Washington's 21 Dispute Resolution Centers, provides a overview of the recently-launched Eviction Resolution Program.

Why Mediate?

Why try mediation before considering court? This video explains the benefits of mediation and how it may be an appropriate alternative for your situation.

What Can a Mediator Do for You?

Learn the role of mediators and how they help people successfully navigate conflict.

Preparing for Resolution in Mediation

Follow these steps to get the most out of your mediation.

What Does Dispute Resolution Feel Like?

Know what to expect when considering dispute resolution services such as coaching, conciliation, facilitation and mediation.

You have the right to legal counsel.  Please call the office at 509-838-2799 and we can provide a referral to the appropriate local legal services.

By this email to the Office of Civil Legal Aid, the Administrative Office of the Courts, and the Office of Financial Management, the Spokane County Eviction Resolution Pilot Program, delivered through the Northwest Mediation Center and Fulcrum Institute Dispute Resolution Clinic, is operational as described in Governor Inslee's June 29, 2021, Proclamation 21-09



Leslie Ann Grove, Executive Director, Northwest Mediation Center 

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Gayle Cooper, Associate Director, Fulcrum Institute Dispute Resolution Clinic 

509-838-2799; https://www.fulcrumdispute.com 

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