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Educational Programs for Working Professionals

All courses are designed to be highly interactive with hands-on applications and role-plays. Each participant will receive a workbook with supplementary materials to keep for future reference.

Register for a single workshop or the entire series of four (4) hour or six (6) hour classes. Pre-registration is required.

4 Hour Classes: Major Curriculum Concepts

Four hour classes are offered as follows:
Tuesdays 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Thursdays 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

(Days and times may be flexible depending on enrollment)
$129 per person per class/$650 for entire session
(Note: Additional discounts available for multiple employees from the same organization.)


Communicating Effectively with Coworkers and Customers
This class focuses on the dynamics and challenges of communication in the workplace. Participants explore and understand their individual communication styles, the role perceptions play in the communication process, active listening, and how to overcome difficult conversations.

Building Organizational and Interpersonal Trust
This class examines individual values and beliefs and the different levels of trust. Participants review their role in the organization and determine which level of trust is appropriate for their workplace and develop a strategic plan to rebuild trust.

Dealing with Bullies and Aggressive Workplace Behaviors
This class focuses on the various types of aggression in themselves and others. Participants will understand and practice assertive communication skills as well as how to deal with internal and external coping skills in difficult situations.

Approaches to Productive Feedback
 This class examines the different levels of communication at the supervisor and subordinate levels in an organization. Participants explore the 360 Degree Feedback process to determine its appropriateness in the workplace, how to use the process effectively, and how to use effective communication in the feedback process.

Workplace Gossip - Friend or Foe?
This class explores the impact that gossip has in the workplace. Participants examine different types of gossip and how to address others when dealing with inappropriate or damaging gossip.

Organizational Paradigm Shifts - Finding Empowerment
This class focuses on the continuity of change in organizations and how it affects individuals both personally and professionally. Participants examine the impact of negative attitudes toward change and how it relates to the change process. A personalized plan will be developed to deal with each of the stages of the change process.


6 Hour Classes: Major Curriculum Concepts

Six hour classes are offered as follows:
Designated Fridays 9:00- a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
$149 per person per class/$390 for series of three classes

(Note: Additional discounts available for multiple employees from the same organization.)

Managing and Resolving Workplace Conflict
This class explores the different types of conflict that impact the organization. Participants understand their conflict style and how to bridge differences with others. Additionally, participants will explore the mediation processes, the role of the mediator, and specific mediation techniques to use in the workplace.

Dealing with Workplace Violence
This class explores the legal aspects of violence in the workplace and will develop a workplace safety plan. Participants will also examine warning signs and the different levels of violence.


Contact our office for specific class schedule and registration at (509) 838-2799.

Workshops are generally held at the Fulcrum Institute Dispute Resolution Clinic office. We will gladly come to your organization and structure our courses to meet your needs, time, and schedule. We only require a minimum of four (4) participants. Special arrangements can be made for all workshops to be conducted at your business location.

Please refer to the Staff Page for our instructor credentials. 

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