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YEP - Youth Engagement Program

During the spring of 2014, Fulcrum Institute personnel developed a youth engagement program for young adults (ages 16 through 25) who have not entered the judicial system, but who would be classified as vulnerable youth.  These individuals may need classes in certain areas, mentoring from caring individuals, and/or job placement in a career of choice.

The engagement program was designed following extensive research on a national level, plus survey material and interviews on a local level.   Originally, the program was designed for youth through the age of 19.  However, due to demands from local elected officials, and a number of specialized demographic groups the program was expanded to include youth through the age of 25.

The program focuses on a three prong approach that worked successfully during a two year mentoring project completed by the Fulcrum Staff for the Department of Labor through the local SNAP organization.  The three identified areas for success were classwork, mentoring, and job placement

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