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MRT Domestic Violence Training in Spokane

Monday- Thursday

February 23-26, 2016
8:30 AM Daily

A 32-hour practical, hands-on workshop (CEU approved) conducted by Correctional Counseling Staff that trains facilitators to use the MRT Domestic Violence model using cognitive-behavioral psycho-educational program designed to change how batterers think (beliefs) and change their behavior.  All participants will receive a certificate of attendance/completion and CEUs will be available from Louisiana State University at Shreveport.  A separate form and fee will be required for these CEU certificates.

Participants Will Receive:
During this training, each person will receive a copy of the following: Bringing Peace to Relationships (the MRT Domestic Violence workbook, Antisocial Personality Disorder and Criminal Justice: Evidence-Based Practice, Crisis Intervention Strategies, and one CD Imaginary Time Out, and 5-minute stress Manager.

Topics In This Workshop Include:
•    Who Batters
•    The Abuse Cycle
•    Review of Research Findings & Treatment of Those Who Batter
•    Overview of Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment
•    Characteristics of Cluster B Personality Disorders
•    MRT DV Chapters 1-16
•    Implementation Issues


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