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Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) is the premiere cognitive-behavioral program for substance abuse treatment and for criminal justice offenders. Developed in 1985 by Gregory Little, Ed.D., and Kenneth Robinson, Ed.D., more than 120 published reports have documented that MRT-treated offenders show significantly lower recidivism for periods as long as 20 years after treatment. Studies show MRT-treated offenders have rearrest and reincarceration rates 25% to 75% lower than expected.

MRT programs are used in 49 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and four countries. A 1999 report by the Washington State Institute for Public Policy estimated that the combined cost benefit to taxpayers and crime victims for the MRT program results in an $11.48 cost benefit for every dollar spent.

Correctional Counseling, Inc., has developed MRT-based programming for individuals with chronic substance abuse problems, anger management and domestic violence issues, and much more.

A Proven Concept

MRT is a cognitive-behavioral counseling program that combines education, group and individual counseling, and structured exercises designed to foster moral development in treatment-resistant clients.  As long as clients’ judgments about right and wrong are made from low levels of moral reasoning, counseling them, training them in job skills, and even punishing them will have little long-lasting impact on their behavior.  They must be confronted with the consequences of their behavior and the effect that it has had on their family, friends and community.  Poor moral reasoning is common within at-risk populations.

MRT addresses beliefs and reasoning. It is a systematic, step-by-step group counseling treatment approach for treatment-resistant clients.  The program is designed to alter how clients think and make judgments about what is right and wrong. The MRT system approaches the problem of treating resistant populations as a problem of low levels of moral reasoning.  In this case, “moral” does not refer to a religious concept, but rather the theoretical conceptualization of psychologist Lawrence Kohlberg.  Moral reasoning represents how a person makes decisions about what he or she should or should not do in a given situation.

Fulcrum now offers MRT classes for those who must attend for legal reasons.  Fulcrum works closely with the County and City Probation offices to ensure that clients are processing through the program.  Cost for MRT is $35 per class plus the cost of a book.  Please contact our office at (509) 795-8955 for class times and to reserve your spot.

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