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 The RE-START C-P-R MENTORING PROGRAM was developed by the Fulcrum Institute Dispute Resolution Clinic (Fulcrum) through a partnership with SNAP in Spokane, Washington, in the fall of 2012.  The mission of the Mentoring Program is to provide consistent and caring, trained mentors/life coaches to guide, support, and inspire recently released offenders to develop the attitudes and skills that will help them to become successful in their personal lives, and in the workplace, and become positive, contributing members of the community.  The Mentoring Program seeks to empower at-risk individuals in our community to make optimum life choices and overcome obstacles that will enable them to maximize their personal potential.

The Mentoring Program envisions a community where clients who experience meaningful, one-on-one relationships combined with community support surmount existing challenges and reach the goal of successful reintegration into society.  Through collaborative efforts with other non-profit organizations, local businesses and other resources, the Mentoring Program provides educational, social and mentoring opportunities to facilitate personal development, family reunification and advanced career options.

You can change a life by volunteering to become a Mentor!  Volunteer Mentors are asked to submit an application packet*; complete an interview with staff; attend a four-hour training class; make a 90-day commitment to spend one to two hours per week with their mentee.  Complete and submit your Online Application today, or call 509-795-8955 for additional information.

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