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Meet the staff

The Fulcrum Institute Dispute Resolution Clinic's staff members are professional trainers as well as experienced mediators, facilitators, and conflict managers who work on dispute resolution in both the public and private sectors.

John R. (Jack) Hebner – CPM, Member of WSBA

Mr. Hebner, Executive Director, has served in this capacity since the inception of the Fulcrum Institute in 1993. He received his basic mediation training from CDR Associates in Boulder, Colorado and the Justice Center of Atlanta. Mr. Hebner is the primary trainer of all classes and over the last decade has completed more than 1000 successful mediations. Additionally, Mr. Hebner has provided training for the Idaho Mediation Association annual conference.

Gayle Cooper – CPM

Ms. Cooper, Associate Director, received her Certified Mediation Designation in 1997 having completed more than 1000 successful mediations. She is a member of the Academy of Family Mediators, Idaho Mediation Association, Washington Mediation Association and is current Treasurer for Resolution Washington. In addition to scheduling all classes, Ms. Cooper maintains the Clinic’s professional contacts with certifying corporations.

Rick Sapone - Education Program Director

Rick was Active Duty Air Force at the U.S.A.F. SERE School for 21 years. Upon retirement from the Air Force, he worked as a government contractor managing and developing training programs for the next 13 years. Moving to the Fulcrum Institute provided just the challenge he was looking for with direct community involvement. His main focus is implementing curriculum for the Spokane County Corrections, focusing on enabling the incarcerated to re-enter society with a chance to change their lives and improve our community.

Mary Schwartz - Interchange Administrative Auditor

Ms. Schwartz is a graduate of Eastern Washington University with a Bachelors in Social Work degree. She has provided program oversight for the last fifteen years.

Lana Lackey - Intake Specialist

Lana was born and raised in Spokane and spent 25 years as a Case Administrator for the Chapter 13 Trustee’s Office. Lana started at Fulcrum in August of 2016 as the Director of Outreach and RISE case manager. Lana is currently the Intake Specialist/Mediation Coordinator.

Jennifer Lloyd - Instructor and Employment Specialist

Bringing to the table over a decade of office and administrative experience, Jennifer has a background in law and medicine. From her paralegal studies and 6 years working in healthcare she has found that working directly with people is her passion. In search of a challenge, Jennifer accepted a position with Fulcrum Institute as an Office Manager in March of 2017 and was shortly thereafter offered a position teaching a 16 hour job skills class. When that program closed, Fulcrum offered her the opportunity to continue her growth and instruct evening adult education classes and, in conjunction with Spokane County Corrections, give adults in the corrections system tools to better themselves while in custody. Among her other hobbies and interests, Jennifer enjoys long walks on short beaches and collecting buttons.

Tara Lewis - GRIP Director

Tara grew up in Vancouver, Washington but have lived in several location throughout the US and recently relocated back to Washington with my two amazing children. I currently attend Montana State University working on a BSLS with the anticipation of graduating in December 2018. I have been working with at-risk youth for nearly 7 years now and I have a passion for supporting them in breaking negative behavior patterns, empowering them to overcome adverse circumstances, and providing them with skills and tools to be prosperous.

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