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Diversion Program

Fulcrum Institute Dispute Resolution Clinic personnel are currently providing input and expertise in the proposed development of a diversion program to be used by Superior, District, and City Courts in Spokane County.

Staff has provided materials and information to members of the Spokane Regional Criminal Justice Commission which was established by Spokane County Commissioners, the Spokane City Council, and the Mayor of Spokane to review and create an efficient and effective regional criminal justice system in Spokane County.

The Commission’s Blueprint for Reform (a draft plan of recommendations) was released in early November, 2013 with Fulcrum receiving credit for assistance to the Commission’s research.

The Clinic is working with judges, prosecutors, probation officials, and defense attorneys to develop a program that should provide benefits for the County for years to come.  A fully developed program will feature a number of classes designed to bring about behavioral modification for the participants, a strong mentoring component, and the ability for unemployed participants to find employment. 

The long range goal of a diversion program is to provide offenders with a meaningful alternative to incarceration, and to reduce recidivism within the system.  Both goals will reflect a savings to local tax payers.

It is hoped that a community accepted diversion program will begin during 2015.




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