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The Fulcrum Institute Dispute Resolution Clinic offers the Basic Mediation Training Course, (40 Hour); Child Custody and Family Law Mediation Training, (20 Hour) and an Advanced Mediation Training Course, (8 Hour)

 Interest Based Mediation (Basic Mediation Training- BMT)

            The Interest Based Mediation Course or Basic Mediation Training (BMT) is offered three times per year in April, July and October.  This course is the beginning mediation training course and provides the foundation, process and practical experience.  At the completion of the basic mediation course, you are eligible to complete an internship required for certification in Washington and Idaho.

 Child Custody and Family Law

            The Child Custody and Family Law Mediation Training is a 20 hour course offered three times per year in May, July and November.  This course provides the student with the foundation needed to understand the complexities of dealing with families in conflict.  Completion of the Basic Mediation Training is required prior to attendance in this training.

 Advanced Mediation Training

              The Advanced Mediation Training is offered two times each year and is designed to assist practicing mediators an opportunity to brush up and examine their skills and concepts that mediators use.  Participants will learn what is “new” to the field, discuss difficulties of their existing cases.  Completion of a Basic Mediation Training and Child Custody and Family Law course are required for attendance.

You can register on-line or by printing the registration form and submit via U.S. mail.



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