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Ash Street Station Project


BAY 3:

In 2010 when Fulcrum first began discussions with Sheriff Knezovich about providing classes to inmates at Geiger Correctional Facility, the Sheriff and the staff at Geiger all stated that any part of such class instruction must include a jobs component. Upon release from incarceration the two main issues facing a former offender is a place to live and securing employment. While many Re-entry persons return to waiting spouses and children, getting re-employed is a critically important part of a successful re-entry.

With that directive, Fulcrum began discussions with business owners, managers and community leaders about what it would take for businesses to be a part of agreeing to consider Re-entry individuals as potential employees. These planning sessions with employers provided Fulcrum with the background of what was being sought by businesses in persons they would consider for employment. From that a Jobs Skills curriculum was designed and included in the classes at Geiger; additionally these classes could be completed at Fulcrum for up to 90 days following release for any inmate who was unable to complete the classes while incarcerated.

At the same time Fulcrum staff was working directly with businesses in the community and ultimately formulated a program known as Fulcrum’s Business Roundtable (BRT), a coalition of businesses who agreed to interview for possible hire those clients who had completed the Jobs Skills course and who had been referred to them by Fulcrum staff for consideration of employment. The BRT program began with about 30 businesses in 2011 and to date has grown to over 300 and boasts an approximate 70% placement rate.

While the BRT has been an immense part of the success for clients being assisted by Fulcrum in securing employment, it was determined by Fulcrum staff along with input from local business leaders that more work force training would be advantageous especially in the area of Construction Trades as the need for construction workers in the Spokane area has skyrocketed with the number of public projects being funded for completion such as the North-South corridor; Riverfront Park makeover; residential and arterial street work; home rehabilitation and sidewalk construction and repair.

Following a great deal of discussion among many representatives of various Trade organizations, Fulcrum was successful in securing an agreement with the Association of General Contractors, AGC, to provide basic Construction Trades classes to persons qualifying via an application completed with Fulcrum.

Currently anyone may contact Fulcrum Institute DRC (795.8955) to get more information regarding the Introduction to Construction Trades training on-going at the Ash Street Station. These are three week classes lasting 8 hours per day and upon completion of the program will provide students with a variety of completion certificates and validation of classes completed with certification in OSHA 10, forklift training, etc. These certifications are sought after by employers seeking to hire in the Construction Trades, they are also an important component to have completed if interested in continuing in a full Apprenticeship program in the Trade of choice.

Fulcrum is grateful to the Chief Garry Park, Nevada-Lidgerwood, Emerson-Garfield and West Central Neighborhood Councils for their strong support of and allocations from each of their Neighborhood Councils toward the Phase II renovations at the Ash Street Station. Each of these neighborhoods has high numbers of residents who qualify for the programs being offered at Ash Street Station.

BAY 2:

A local non-profit, The Lands Council, built a Mycology Lab in Bay 2, for a new bioremediation project that is focused on mushrooms. TLC works to preserve and revitalize Inland Northwest forests, water, and wildlife through advocacy, education, effective action, and community engagement. The Lands Council collaborates with a broad range of interested parties to seek smart and mutually respectful solutions to environment and health issues. In their new lab at the Ash St Station, they are conducting experiments with mushrooms that have the potential to degrade toxic pollutants. In collaboration with the City of Spokane, the first of these cutting edge studies aims to test the mushroom’s abilities to digest PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) out of stormwater run off; a very challenging source of pollution to the Spokane River. The potential applications for this technology are extensive, and The Lands Council hopes to use it in future restoration efforts.

The Lands Council envisions a future where the forests of the Inland Northwest are protected for a diversity of wildlife species, and provide our communities with a source of plentiful clean water. They envision a public that understands the importance of protecting forests and water from the top of the mountains to the tap. They envision a Spokane River that supports native fish and is safe for people to recreate and fish in. They envision a community that is resilient and prepared for climate change and are careful stewards of our sole source aquifer.

The Lands Council works to meet their mission and vision by setting a number of goals some of which include: Permanently protect the Inland Northwest’s wildlands and roadless areas; Restore and revitalize the watersheds in our region, from the forested headwaters, to the urban users; Begin restoring the Coeur d’Alene River ecosystem in Idaho and protect the bi-state aquifer; Protect fish and wildlife, particularly endangered species; Reduce the risk of Spokane and Kootenai County citizens, particularly ethnic and economically disadvantaged people, from the health hazards of lead, PCB’s and other toxics in our rivers and aquifer; Increase the capacity of environmental educators in our region; Protect communities from wildfire through education and outreach; Create awareness and a response to climate change. mpetersen@landscouncil.org or hmontez@landscouncil.org. or call Mike or Heidi at 838.4912.

BAY 1:

This area of the Station still remains less than fully utilized for in order to be able to able to fully put it to use City Code will require upgrades to bring it to current energy standards, meaning fully insulate and build out of this large Bay area. At this time there are no funds to begin such an undertaking for this portion of the building; however it remains an excellent site, and with the City’s permission, can be used for “seasonal retail”. That means the area with large overhead doors could be opened up to the parking lot in the rear of the building (facing west) and could be used for large community yard sales; farmer’s markets; seasonal greenery, e.g. trees/wreaths, etc.

Fulcrum is open to talking to area groups and individuals about the use of Bay 1 on a seasonal basis until such time as funding might be secured to be able to bring this area into full compliance and be used as yet another portion of the training facility.

To learn more or discuss possible use please contact Matt at 795.8955


The Station – a Vintage Store

Think something like Boo Radley’s only with the “real” items not reproductions. This small retail store is a part of the retail sales and merchandise inventory training which takes place through using clients from programs such as Career Path and oversight and training from Fulcrum staff.

The store itself has a variety of merchandize from vintage clothing to toys; from cowboy boots to oil cans and everything in between. Small and large home décor items as well as kitschy apparel make this portion of Ash Street a fun part to walk through any day of the week for new items seemingly appear on the shelves several times a week.

If you would like to stop by the shop is open daily Mon-Sat; with a beverage bar area to sit down and enjoy a cold drink and quick snack this is a great place to shop and meet up with friends to look over the inventory together.

If you have items you would like to donate, sell, or possibly consign or trade contact Don at the store.


Ammonite Ink

This is a small family-owned and operated business which produces BIG results! There is no job too large or small for Randi or Jeff to undertake from size newborn clothing to XXXL adults and bags and packs and any other silk-screenable item in between Ammonite can make it what you want it to be!

For more information about the work and projects of Ammonite Ink please visit their website at www.ammoniteink.com/.

Ammonite Ink too, is prepared to instruct in silk-screening and graphic arts. Interest in such instruction should be directed to Matt at 795.8955 or by emailing him at mhutchinson@fulcrumdispute.com.

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